Dunedin 2021 Softball Schedule

    Head Coach: Gary Kifer

    Phone Number: 727-415-5734 E-mail:gary@lifechangingfitness.com

    For game information, click on the calendar page. All games can be found there, and if you click on the event, you will get more information like time and place.


    Jan. 24-26, the team went on its annual team bonding trip. Below are some of the pictures from this fantastic event:

    Bonding 1        Bonding 2


    Bonding 3          Bonding 4


    Bonding 5         Bonding 6


    Bonding 7          Bonding 8     


    Bonding 9        Bonding 10     Bonding 11


    Bonding     Bonding     Bonding Bonding       Bonding   Bonding


    Bonding         Bonding



    A great time was had by all!

    2020 Dunedin Falcons

    Seniors- Alissa Mankiewich, Liz Haley, Valeria Johnson

    Juniors- Hailee Fiske, Abby Hamm

    Sophomores- Makayla Oster, Annalisa Mercer, Kendall Rubel, Grace McLemore, Kloey Croce, Analy Diaz, Jaclyn Ellison

    Freshmen- Gianna Ondrey, Kimmy London, Natalie Hiles, Mackenzie Fritz, Brooke Zilius, Hannah Lulek, Mariah Gradzki, Hannah Chichester

    Managers- Riley Schneiter, Madison Luna

    Coaches- Gary Kifer, Ron Lane, Scott Held, Tiona Hill, Mariah Kaylor