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    Real Bands Wear Kilts!

    Dunedin High School is located in Dunedin, Florida, and was first opened in 1961. The school embraced the Scottish heritage of the city, and became widely known for having an outstanding performing arts program that incorporated the Scottish Arts. Today, this Pinellas County school proudly upholds the tradition of excellence established over 50 years ago. The Instrumental Music Department at DHS has expanded to include a jazz ensemble, percussion ensemble, and a concert orchestra in addition to the symphonic wind bands, pipe band, Highland dancers, and iconic Scottish Highlander Marching Band.

    Lots of fancy footwork, awesome yet challenging music selections by Ms. Alicea, plus tremendous hours of practice rain or shine by all since July. Bravo, DHS!  We had tons of beginners and a strong leadership all around. This is how to do it!  Practice, repetition, and caring adult to guide the progress. Thank you Band Boosters and all the parents, too. Outstanding! 

    Enjoy:  this is from the group Band app: 

    Well done band!!!! You guys were awesome! https://youtu.be/ifwvpumT7hY.  

    Go, Falcons!