Executive Internship Program

  • The Executive Internship Program enables high school students to gain experience and expertise in particular professions.

    Through the Executive Internship Program, students are assisted academically and experientially in developing skills which promote self-directed learning, self-awareness, goal setting, creative problem solving, and cross cultural sensitivity. 

    Students are selected for senior-year EIP participation through an application process that takes place in the junior year.


    An EIP student spends 10-15 hours per week with their sponsor to undertake activities that provide comprehensive views of organizations that focus on the sponsor's professional roles, responsibilities, and functions.

    The student becomes knowledgeable about the organization's long range company priorities and how decisions are made about those priorities.

    Students learn to seek insight into the qualities, skills and knowledge that help professionals perform effectively.


    If you would like more information about the Executive Internship Program, please contact Dr. Mary Black, EIP Coordinator, at BlackM@pcsb.org.