• Permission to Leave, Absences, Phone Messages and Deliveries

    Permission to Leave (PTL)

    • Students must have a note from their parent/guardian stating the date, time and reason for the PTL.
    • Students may obtain a PTL before the start of school at 7:05 a.m., from their grade house secretary.
    • Following the two steps listed above enables parents/guardians easy and timely pickups.
    • Emergencies happen, however due to staffing, and student schedules we cannot guarantee a timely response for picking up your student.

    PTL for Illness

    • Ill students must report directly to the clinic located in the Administration building.
    • Parents must be contacted by clinic personnel (not student cell phones).
    • Students must sign clinic log and obtain a PTL to leave campus.


    • Must be reported to the grade house secretary within 48 hours of the absence.
    • All absences require a note including religious holidays and college days.
    • College day absences require a letter on the college’s letterhead stating the dates of the college visit.

    Late Arrival

    • If a students arrives on campus late for any reason, they must sign in to the office and get a tardy pass even if they are coming to school during a class change
    • Student signs in with their grade level secretary and gets a permit to class
    • Student gives teacher the tardy pass

    Phone Messages

    • Only “Emergency” (such as death or accident) phone messages can be delivered to students.
    • Students may use their cell phones before school, after school and during lunch only.
    • No cell phone use during classes.


    • Deliveries are not made to classrooms in order to not interrupt classroom instruction.
    • No flower, balloon or other deliveries are accepted.
    • We recommend, for your convenience, to deposit lunch money for your student on “Mealpayplus.com”

    Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.
    We look forward to a successful and enjoyable school