• Florida Engineering Scholarship

    Scholarship Information

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    Hard copies of scholarships can be found in the clinic near Ms. LaChance’s desk.  There is a drawer in the filing cabinet against the wall with the scholarships listed where you can pull hard copies.  Ms. LaChance or another staff member or counselor can assist you with this if you need help.

    Florida PTA Scholarship

    here are some scholarship links to check out:

    Florida Engineering Scholarship

    HT23 Watts Sanderson Scholarship

    Tweed Scholarship

    Pinellas Seminole Club - FSU Scholarship



    Regions Private Wealth Management


    Son's of Italy Scholarship
    August P. and Essie W. Krausman

    Scholarship Fund
    First Year College Application
    September 2021 through May 2022 Year

    The Last Will & Testament of Essie W. Krausman, dated June 21, 1963 was established in memory of August P. Krausman, and the scholarship or scholarships established shall be known as the August P. & Essie W. Krausman Scholarships.

    In selecting the student or students, it was Ms. Krausman’s desire the Trustees take into consideration the scholastic standing, the need and the moral and religious attributes of the student or students under consideration who have graduated from Pinellas County, Florida high schools.

    Completed application along with ONE letter of recommendations and transcript of most recent grades should be submitted no later than May 15th to Marc Mauro by email only at marc.mauro@bofa.com. If you have any questions, please call (401) 278-6017.

    $1,000 Scholarship to an Italian student. 
    See Mrs. LaChance to Apply

    Central Gulf Coast Scholarship

    2021 Scholarship Application Checklist

    (To apply, see Mrs. LaChance)

    In order to be considered for the 2021 Central Gulf Coast Scholarship, you must complete and return this signed checklist and the attached three (3) page application, postmarked no later than Friday April 17, 2021.  You must also include a sealed official High School transcript, your SAT or ACT scores, a 500 - 750 word essay on one of the indicated subjects.  Please indicate by checkmark, which documents you are including with your submission.

    You must include all of the following documents:

    • Signed Scholarship Checklist
    • Scholarship Application (5 pages)
    • Sealed Official High School Transcript

    You must include one of the following documents:

    • A.T. scores (This may be supplied in the Sealed H.S. Transcript)
    • C.T. Composite Scores (This may be supplied in the Sealed H.S. Transcript)

    You must include at least one of the following financial documents:

    • Copy of Student Financial Aid Report – FAFSA
    • Copy of University or College specific Financial Aid Report (Only for schools that have a unique financial aid process.)

    You must also include a 500 word (minimum) to 750 word (maximum) essay on one of the following topics:

    • “La Famiglia: The Importance of Traditional Italian-American Family Values in Modern Day America”
    • “From Humble Beginnings: The Single Most Important Contribution of Italian-Americans to Society”
    • “The Hollywood Impact: The Effects of Stereotyping Italian-Americans in Movies and on Television”