Social Studies Department

Last Name First Name Email Room Ext. Classes Taught
Adkins Jonathan 19-233 1428 American Government, Law Studies, Court Procedures, A.P. Government & Politics
Blake Harris Shawlene 4-202 1329 IB History, AP World History, Holocaust, AICE European History
Crank Sowka Kelly World History, World Religions
Dindial Thompson Heidi 4-220 1435 IB History, AP Psychology, AR, Diploma Support
Dragoutsis Reenee 5-206 1343 Pre IB Inquiry Skills
Elkins Tracy 4-201 1328 AP Psychology
Falcon Shaun 19-203 1404 U.S. History Honors, World History Honors
Fanning Gregory 19-202 1403 U.S. History Honors
Freeman John 4-208 1430 IB Psychology
James Jeff 19-205 1406 Psychology 1 &2, Anthropology
Just Pete 4-204 1327 Theory of Knowledge (IB)
Kersey Adam AP Art History, Economics w/ Fin Lit, Economics w/Fin Lit Honors
Kluis Meredith 4-221 1334 Theory of Knowledge (IB)
McKinnon Andrew 19-223 Economics
Morzenti Michael 19-234 1421 World History, World History Honors, Sociology
Mullaney Michael 19-201 1402 American Government, Economics, AP Microeconomics
Planamenta John 19-235 1422 Pre-IB Advanced Placement U.S. History, Diploma Support, Research
Stephan Tom 4-217 1434 Pre-IB Advanced Placement world History, Diploma Support, Research
Tabajdi Laura 19-124 1397 AP Human Geography
Tancrell Kate 5-204 1341 Amercian Government, Amercian Government Honors, AP World History
Tsardoulias Jason 19-204 1405 AP World History, AP European History, World History Honors
Zollo Michael 19-224 1418 AP U.S. History & U.S. History Honors