• Admissions Criteria:

    Target Group 1:

    Student must successfully complete the Algebra 1 Honors (or earn Algebra 1 credit through the Credit Acceleration Program (CAP) and score proficient on the FSA Algebra 1 EOC or equivalent standardized test for Algebra.

    Student must earn a final grade of A or B for each academic subject in 6th & 7th grade and semester 1 grade for each academic subject in 8th grade.  Academic subjects include: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and World Languages. (*World Language courses are not a requirement for grades 6-8, but are a prerequisite for 9th grade students applying to enter grade 10 in the IB Programme.)

    Student must achieve at least one of the minimum test scores as outlined below for both mathematics and ELA:

    Mathematics & ELA

    • Level 4 or 5 on Grade 6 FSA Math
    • Level 4 or 5 on Grade 7 FAST Math


    Target Group 2:

    Students whom do not meet the above testing or academic grades criteria may be placed in TG2 based on a common rubric used to calculate the percentage of criteria the student has demonstrated. At least 10% of the incoming 9th grade class will be selected from TG 2.

    Who is eligible to apply?

    Students who are zoned within the North County are eligible to apply to the North County IB Programme at PHUHS


    The following high schools are in the North County zone:

    Countryside High School

    Dunedin High School

    East Lake High School

    Palm Harbor High School

    Tarpon High School

    How to Apply:

    • To apply to this program, you will need to live in the north application area, comprised of the high school zones for Countryside, Dunedin, East Lake, Palm Harbor University and Tarpon Springs.  Once the application is completed online, please send a copy of the student’s 6th and 7th grade standardized reading and math test scores and 6th, 7th and 8th grade report card to the IB office at Palm Harbor University High School.
    • Please visit https://reservation.pcsb.org  to complete the magnet application.
    • How to Apply for a District Application Program
    • The Late Application Period is currently open.  Please visit  https://reservation.pcsb.org to apply.


    Application Timeline

    • Application period: January 10-20 by 5:00 p.m.
    • Acceptance period: February 14-23 at Midnight
    • Late Application begins March 21, 2023 at Midnight 
    • DAP Flyer for 2023