IB Staff 2023
Last Department EMail
Bitting Science bittingl@pcsb.org
Blake-Harris History/TOK/Psych blake-harriss@pcsb.org
Bonkowski World Language bonkowskia@pcsb.org
Bradley English bradleysc@pcsb.org
Briggs Science briggsc@pcsb.org
Collias Science colliasb@pcsb.org
Deforest Science deforests@pcsb.org
Dindial thompson History/TOK/Psych dindialthompsonh@pcsb.org
Dragoutsis History/TOK/Psych dragoutsisr@pcsb.org
Duarte World Language duartem@pcsb.org
Ehrlich World Language ehrlichm@pcsb.org
Forman World Language formanm@pcsb.org
Freeman History/TOK/Psych freemanjo@pcsb.org
Hodge English Hodgeel@pcsb.org
Hodgkinson Science hodgkinsonr@pcsb.org
Hudson Fine Arts hudsonb@pcsb.org
Jankowska Math jankowskaa@pcsb.org
Kluis History/TOK/Psych kluism@pcsb.org
Marsh IB Secretary marshr@pcsb.org
McCann Science mccannt@pcsb.org
Papamichael Math papamichaelh@pcsb.org
Peluso English pelusoe@pcsb.orrg
Planamenta History/TOK/Psych planamentaj@pcsb.org
Ruth Science ruthl@pcsb.org
Shepherd-Thompson IB Counselor shepherda@pcsb.org
Stephan History/TOK/Psych stephant@pcsb.org
Striblen IB Coordinator striblene@pcsb.org
Swisher Fine Arts swishera@pcsb.org
Tancrell History/TOK/Psych tancrellk@pcsb.org
Tharin English tharinj@pcsb.org
Timberlake Fine Arts timberlakea@pcsb.org
Urban Fine Arts urbang@pcsb.org
Weaver Math weaversu@pcsb.org
Zengel Math zengelg@pcsb.org
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