• Mahika"The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program was a very challenging, but rewarding experience for me as it molded me into the person I am today, and set the foundation for my future success through its unique core aspects. TOK...opened up my perspective, to not only gain knowledge, but to thoroughly inquire about the knowledge I was obtaining. Alongside my EE, my CAS project also allowed me to make a lasting impact on people and uplift the local community because real change starts close to home before expanding.  Due to IB I strive to leave the world a better place than I came into." ~IB Senior, Mahika Bekkem


    William"I enroll(ed) in the IB program, knowing that I would be academically challenged in a rigorous program. I was prepared to learn more than I ever had and grow intellectually. Still, I could have never predicted the amount of insight I would gain into the importance of community and compassion. During my years of the IB Diploma Program, I embodied the learner profile characteristics, practiced empowering people of different backgrounds, and found a desire to build strong communities worldwide." ~ Grade 9 William Campbell


    Mira"IB has instilled in me a caring compassion to protect my environment and fight hunger globally.  IB has molded me into an accomplished communicator and performer with a love for cultural exchange.  I thrive on IB’s opportunities for artistic growth, such as singing at the IB Coffee House."  ~Mira Yengera


    Catalina"IB is a family, a family of knowers, learners, and the interconnectedness that allows every person to influence the other positively. There are many activities I would have never participated in or questions I would have never asked if not for the IB program. IB allows you to explore your role in society, and that is the most social one’s life could be. IB continues to ask hard questions and make an introspective journey out of discovering the answers, but being able to lean on each other creates a rewarding experience. The core values of IB apply to society and as a generation, the world is our CAS project. IB reminds us that it takes being creative, putting in the effort, and giving back to the community to achieve a healthier, more understanding social life for all."  ~Catalina Velasquez