• Exam Information

    2016 IB/AP Examination Schedule (get from Kim)

    Examination Day

    ·         Students must arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the published start time.

    ·         Students must enter the exam room in a quiet and orderly manner and look for their assigned seat.

    ·         All bags, pocketbooks, and other belongings should be left at the front of the exam room.

    ·         No text books/note books/instruction books are to be brought into the exam room.

    ·         No food or drink (other than water) are to be brought into the exam room.

    ·         No cell phones or other electronic devices are to be brought into the exam room—if caught with a phone, the student will be dismissed from the room and the exam will be cancelled.

    ·         Candidates should bring at least one pen, a pencil and a ruler to all examinations.

    ·         Students must write in either blue or black ink (except for multiple choice papers).

    ·          Students should use pencils for drawing and for multiple choice papers.

    ·          Items of general stationery, such as erasers, colored pencils, rulers and geometry instruments are allowed.

    ·         All calculators should be cleared.

    IB exam results

    In early May, all IB students will be issued a personal identification number (PIN) and personal code to access their scores electronically. Beginning July 6, students can access their scores online by visiting https://candidates.ibo.org, and entering their personal details. 


    Reporting IB exam results to a college or university

    Following the issue of results for the session in which a student has taken their examinations, the student must submit their transcript requests directly to the IB. Each request will incur a transcript request fee. For more information, please visit https://www.ibo.org/iba/transcripts/documents/TranscriptRequestForm.pdf.