What Parents Need to Know - Applying for PCS Choice Programs

  • How to Make a Late Application

    Step 1: Get a Parent I.D. and Password

    • If you do not already have a User ID and password for your family, go to a nearby school and ask for one. Bring a photo ID with you.
    • You only need one User ID and password per family.

    Step 2: Apply Online (Dec. 31st Deadline)

    • Log onto the Student Reservation System (SRS), https://reservation.pcsb.org using your User ID and password.
    • Select District Application Programs.
    • Enter your five program selections from the list of programs.
    • REMEMBER: Non‐PCS students must deliver all documentation of program eligibility, to the appropriate program office(s).

    Step 3: Respond to Wait List Offers

    • You may call the school to find out what your wait list number.
    • As seats open up, the Magnet Coordinator will reach out and call you to offer a seat.  You will have 3 business days to respond to the offer.
    • Wait List offers for grades 8-12 will be made up until January 20, 2020.  
    • Wait List offers for grades KG- 7 will be made up until March 1, 2020. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. May I apply to more than one program?
    A. Yes, you may apply to up to five programs in order of preference, with your first choice as the top choice. Priority preferences will only apply to your top choice. There are some programs that have eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. The District Application Programs procedures manual contains the entrance criteria for each program. You can find it at www.pcsb.org/choice.

    • You may only apply to one of the Center for Wellness and Medical Professions Programs at Boca Ciega High or Palm Harbor University High or The Centers for Innovation & Digital Learning at Gulf Beaches Elementary or Kings Highway Elementary (based on student’s address).
    • For application area programs, parents may only apply to the program located in the application area in which they live.

    Q. How long can my child stay on a waiting list if no invitation is received?
    A. Applicants stay on the waiting list for all of the programs to which they apply until they accept an invitation to one of the programs. Accepting an invitation to a program automatically removes a student’s name from all other waiting lists (except for the Centers for Gifted Studies). For grades K‐ 7, waiting lists expire on March 1. For grades 8-12, waiting lists expire on the 11th day of the second semester.

    Q. If I apply to a magnet or fundamental, does my child lose the seat at the current school?
    A. No, students do not lose their current seat by applying alone. The seat is surrendered for the following year only if the parent receives and accepts an invitation to a program.

    Q. Is there any advantage to applying early in the application period?
    A. No, applications are NOT processed on a first-come, first- served basis. All applications during the application period Jan. 8 - 17, 2020, are given equal treatment.

    Q. What happens if my child is invited to a program but I do not log back into the Student Reservation System (SRS) during the acceptance period?
    A. To guarantee your child’s seat, you must log in during the appropriate dates to accept the invitation (Feb. 10-22, 2020). If you do not log back into the SRS system to accept an invitation during this period, your child’s invitation will no longer be valid.

    Q. If I apply to one of these schools and accept an invitation, can I change my mind and try to get a zoned school instead?
    A. You may, but there is no guarantee that a seat would be available in the zoned school. Students entering kindergarten, sixth, or ninth grade are assigned to their zoned school in most cases. Students in other grades will be assigned based on seat availability.

    Q. Will I receive any official written notification if my child is accepted into one of these programs?
    A. No, you must log into the Student Reservation System (SRS) during the acceptance period, Feb. 10 - 22, 2020, to find out which school/program you have been accepted to, then you either accept the invitation or take no action to remain on all wait lists.

    Q. What can I do if I have a question or problem with the application process?
    A. If it is a technical question about the online system, contact the Tech Help center at 727-588-6060 or email help@pcsb.org. For other questions, call Student Assignment at 727-588-6210.

    Questions? Contact PCS Student Assignment, 727‐588‐6210


    What Parents Need to Know (PDF)