What Parents Need to Know - Applying for PCS Choice Programs

  • How to Make a Late Application

    Step 1: Get a Parent I.D. and Password

    • If you do not already have a User ID and password for your family, go to a nearby school and ask for one. Bring a photo ID with you.
    • You only need one User ID and password per family.

    Step 2: Apply Online (Dec. 31st Deadline)

    • Log onto the Student Reservation System (SRS), https://reservation.pcsb.org using your User ID and password.
    • Select District Application Programs.
    • Enter your five program selections from the list of programs.
    • REMEMBER: Non‐PCS students must deliver all documentation of program eligibility, to the appropriate program office(s).

    Step 3: Respond to Wait List Offers

    • You may call the school to find out what your wait list number.
    • As seats open up, the Magnet Coordinator will reach out and call you to offer a seat.  You will have 3 business days to respond to the offer.
    • Wait List offers for grades 8-12 will be made up until January 20, 2020.  
    • Wait List offers for grades KG- 7 will be made up until March 1, 2020. 

    Frequently Asked Questions During the Late Application Period


    Q.  What do I do if I want my child to leave a DAP program?

    A.   Contact the DAP Coordinator at your current school.  The Coordinator will enter a Tech Help ticket requesting a transfer to the zone school.  The Student Assignment Office and/or DAP Specialist will then make a reservation to the school zoned for your address and let the school know to contact you.  Contacting Student Assignment directly will result in them referring you to call the DAP Coordinator.

    You will need to take a photo id and 2 forms of address verification to the new school to enroll.


    Q.  Can my child switch DAP programs?

    A.   It depends on program availability and wait list size. First, your child must leave the current DAP program and enroll at the zoned school.  Once at the zoned school, you can submit a late application to another program.  Depending on availability and/or the size of the wait list, you may recieve an offer. 

    Wait list offers for KG- 7th grade can occur up to March 1st.  For 8th - 12th grade, wait list offers can occur up until the 11th day of the 2nd semester per school board policy.


    Q.  What do I do when my child left a DAP program, enrolled in the zoned school and an error messages saying I am already enrolled in a DAP program pops up when I try to make a late application?

    A. Call Student Assignment at 727.588.5037.  Sometimes, the original application needs to be adjusted to allow you to make a Late Application.



    Q.  If I am on a current wait list, do I need to reapply in January when the Application Period opens?

    A. Yes.  Current wait lists are only for the 2019-2020 school year and will expire.  If you want to apply for a program for the 2020-2021 school year, you will need to make an applicaiton during the initial application period (January 8-17, 2020). 



    Q.  When do wait lists expire?

    A. KG- 7th grade wait lists expire on March 1st.  8th - 12th grade wait lists expire on the 11th day of the 2nd semester.



    Questions? Contact PCS Student Assignment, 727‐588‐6210

    What Parents Need to Know (PDF)