Institute for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (ISTEM)

  • ISTEMCountryside High School
    3000 State Road 580, Clearwater
    (727) 725-7956

    To attend this program, parents must apply online during the Application Period in January.

    The ISTEM program offers two tracks: our vocational track  and our scholar track (our previous ISTEM program). Pathways will be based on academic profiles and discussions with the parent and student.


    Our vocational track is a career/college preparatory program that provides students with the skills needed in the IT field. Students choose to focus on one of four strands while in the program: Computer Systems and Information Technology (CSIT), Gaming Design, Web Design, and Digital Design and all have the opportunity to earn multiple industry certifications.


    Our scholar track provides students rigorous, college preparatory academic opportunities across all academic subjects while providing an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The interdisciplinary curriculum prepares students for postsecondary education and careers at the forefront of research, innovation and technology while also allowing the opportunity to earn college credits and industry certifications. Students have opportunities to study and apply emerging technologies in real-world scenarios while focusing on one of three fields of study: Cybersecurity, Biotechnology, or Engineering.

    Academic Profile of a Successful Student

    The Institute for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (ISTEM) program at Countryside High School is an academically rigorous program in which students participate in honors or Advanced Placement (AP) level courses in math, science, computers, social studies or language arts. In addition, students in this program participate in elective courses which may include technology, world language, or other honors and AP level academic electives. Students who typically do well in this program earn mostly As and Bs on their report cards, maintaining a 2.3 average and earn a score of 325 or higher on their FSA mathematics and language arts assessments. Most students will also have completed and passed Algebra I prior to entering 9th grade. Students new to Pinellas County Schools who do not have an FSA score, can look at their standardized test scores from their previous school to determine if they have at least a 4 stanine or higher in both reading/language arts and mathematics.


    Once enrolled in the program, students must attend all classes regularly, maintain a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.5 and earn a passing grade in all courses attempted as well as abide by the Code of Student Conduct. Falling below these expectations may result in placement on probation and/or dismissal from the program. Please review the District Application Program Procedures available on the Pinellas County Schools website for further information.