Clearwater Fundamental Middle School

  • Clearwater Fundamental Middle School 1660 Palmetto St., Clearwater
    (727) 298-1609

    To attend this program, parents must apply online during the Application Period in January.

    Clearwater Fundamental Middle School promotes student responsibility and parental involvement in a safe learning environment. At CFMS, students develop the 21st century skills necessary for excelling in both educational and career environments. A strong emphasis is placed on the partnership between home and school in working together to promote highest student achievement. Student responsibility, mandatory parental involvement, and a rigorous curriculum are integral to our success.


    • Student Council, PMAC, AVID, chess club, robotics club, math club, orchestra, band, chorus, Spanish, CAPE certifications and YMCA.
    • An accelerated curriculum with the potential to earn up to 8 high school credits.
    • Parent committment is required. 



    • Students can earn up to 10 High school credit classess.

    • 2021  Geom EOC was 100% and 96% passage rate for the 2021 Alg 1 EOC

    • Ranked # 9 Middle School within the state of Florida.

    • Most middle school industry certifications earned in Pinellas County middle schools.

    • National and State recognition in the areas of performing and visual arts.
    • District, regional and state recognized math team.