Midtown Academy Center for Cultural Arts, Gifted Studies & Literacy Innovation


    Midtown students in hallway


    Center for Cultural Arts, Gifted Studies & Literacy Innovation
    1701 10thStreet
    St. Petersburg, FL 33762


    Midtown Academy’s school-wide Center for Cultural Arts K-5, provides students with an engaging, hands-on, brains-on, learning environment that expands beyond our classroom walls into the nearby St. Petersburg community.

    Our Center for Literacy Innovation begins in 1st grade and provides a structured and innovative reading approach to literacy. Designed for students with Dyslexia and/or who demonstrate characteristics of Dyslexia, this program provides a systemic, multi-sensory approach to literacy instruction with opportunities for reading, writing, and math remediation.

    Students in our Center for Gifted Studies receive full-time gifted services in homogenous classes with gifted-endorsed teachers beginning in 1st grade. Students focus on divergent thinking strategies, social-emotional development and intellectually stimulating curriculum.

    Points of Pride

    • Midtown has earned a school grade of an A
    • Twice Weekly Art and Music
    • School Wide Enrichment Clusters
    • Strings Instruction
    • PE Everyday
    • Cultural Arts Field Trips
    • Weekly Maker Space