Center for Innovation and Digital Learning

  • Tyrone Middle School                                                                                                                     Tyrone Middle
    6421 22nd Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL                  
    Phone:  (727)893-1819
    New  Center for Innovation and Digital Learning (Countywide application area)
    Personalized learning is the focal point of the Center for Innovation and Digital 
    Learning, ensuring that lessons are geared to each student’s individual needs. 
    Students are engaged in dynamic project-based lessons, interactive online 
    activities and face-to-face lessons that encourage them to be critical thinkers. 
    The Center for Innovation and Digital Learning provides a technology-rich 
    environment with electronic devices for all students. Students are encouraged 
    to bring home their electronic devices for specific guided activities that will 
    enhance their lessons in the classroom. Families play an important role in their 
    children’s learning and the use of technology in the school and at home. Students 
    who attend the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning at Gulf Beaches or
    Kings Highway elementary schools have a feeder pattern priority to attend this 
    program. Please note that this program will only be accepting applications for 
    sixth-grade students for the 2015-16 school year.