Transportation for Application Programs

  • transportation for application programs

    Pinellas County Schools provides school bus transportation for magnet and career academy program students who live more than two miles from their schools. In order to keep bus rides as short as practicable, students are provided arterial routing to the school. Arterial routing restricts bus operation to main roads and limits the number of stops.


    Arterial School bus stops may be farther than one and one-half (1 1/2) miles from the students' residences. Students may be required to cross a multi-lane road (3 or more lanes).  


    For programs with application areas, transportation is only provided to eligible students within the application area.  Some programs have unique application and transportation areas.  See the District Application Programs Procedures for additional details.

    Parents must provide transportation for their children to the six countywide elementary and three middle school fundamental schools. Exception: The district provides transportation to Thurgood Marshall Middle School for eligible students. Students in fundamental programs at Osceola, Boca Ciega, and Dunedin High Schools will receive transportation within their identified transportation area, or parents must provide transportation to the nearest bus stop within the application area.


    For more information, contact the Transportation Call Center at 727-587-2020 or visit the district transportation page here