Transportation FAQ’s

  • Students getting on school bus.1. I chose to keep my child at the elementary school he/she attended last year rather than move to my zoned school. Can I take them to the nearest stop and let them ride the bus from there?

    In alignment with School Board policy, transportation will only be provided for eligible elementary students attending their zoned school. Arterial service will be provided to countywide programs for eligible students.

    2. When can I request a closer stop for my child who attends his/her zoned school?

    Closer stop requests will not be accepted until after September 6th. On that date, the parent may call the District Call Center, 727-587-2020, to request a closer stop. Upon review by a Route Coordinator, the parent will be contacted when a decision has been made.

    3. I moved over the weekend/summer. Who do I contact to get a new bus stop for my child?

    It is the parent’s responsibility to update their address on the parent portal /SRS and provide documentation of the new address to the school. Upon verification of the address, the school will update the student’s new address in PCS Portal. Once the update is completed, the school will submit a request for a bus assignment to the Transportation Department. The Transportation Department will assign a bus stop, in alignment with School Board policy and State guidelines.

    4. Why does it take 5 to 7 days to establish a new stop for my child?

    To establish a new bus stop location, a new route must be identified and then reviewed by a Transportation Department staff member for any potential hazards. Depending on workload, this process can take up to 7 days. Parents are responsible for the safe transportation of their child to and from school until the new stop information has been communicated to them.

    5. Whose responsibility is it to inform me that my child’s bus was going to be late?

    Bus Bullein will inform parents of any late buses once they have registered with BB. A bus is late when it has not arrived after 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival time. When a bus is late due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact the transportation call center at 727-587-2020.

    6. Who is responsible for informing me that the stop was moved/ different route/different drop off or pick up time?

    The Transportation Department will notify the school of any route or time changes. The school will then communicate any schedule changes to the parents through written documentation.

    7. What are the rules or guidelines for bus stop placement near a sexual predator’s residence?

    Per Florida Statute 947.1405(7)(a)2 “Beginning October 1, 2004, a district school board may not establish or relocate a public school bus stop within 1,000 feet of the residence of a releasee who is subject to this subparagraph.”


    Sex Offender FAQ’s

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    8. There is a special education (ESE) stop located next door to me going to my child’s school. Can my child ride that bus instead of walking a mile to their current assigned stop?

    No, due to privacy concerns of the student that the stop is assigned, the ESE stop is for the assigned student only.

    9. Why is my child, who is a magnet student, any different than a regular education student as far as not being able to cross multi-lane roads?

    Per school board policy, district-wide magnet, fundamental, career academy and students in other similar programs will be routed on an arterial basis (i.e., buses are restricted to operating on main roads only with a limited number of bus stops). Students assigned to use arterial busing are restricted from crossing designated roadways. School bus stops for these students may be farther than one and one-half (1 1/2) miles from the students' residences. All other student stops will be established in such a manner that they are not required to cross a multi-lane road (3 or more lanes).

    10. Who do I contact to request a crossing guard along my child’s walk path to school/stop?

    Parents may request a crossing guard using the form located on the Safety First web page. Click on the link Travel to School Safety Concerns and submit the form. If a parent does not have access to the web they may call the District Call Center (727-587-2020) and a Customer Service Representative will assist them

    11. Can my child use one stop in the AM and another in the PM?

    No, school board policy states that students must use the same stop AM and PM from their legal address on file.

    12. Can a stop be set up for after-school care for my child?

    Each elementary school has an on-site daycare program. Therefore, we do not transport to other day care locations. 

    13. Can I drive my child to an alternative bus stop?

    Per school board policy, a student is assigned a stop based on their legal address. Students will not be permitted to board at any other location.

    14. Who will receive a transportation postcard and when? What if I didn’t receive one?

    Postcards will be mailed in the first week of August to all students who rode the bus last year, during the February student counts. A student new to the district, incoming Kindergarten, 6th and 9th grade students will also receive a postcard if they are eligible for transportation.If your student is eligible for transportation and did not receive a postcard, call the District Call Center (727-587-2020) and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.

    15. Who is responsible for the transportation of the student to and from the bus stop or school?

    The parents are responsible for the safe transportation of the student to and from the school bus stop or school. Parents are also responsible for the behavior of their child while at the school bus stop.

    16. What factors were considered in making a decision to relocate or add an arterial stop location?

    • Superintendent’s Advisory Group recommendations
    • Safety of students
    • Ongoing stop reviews
    • Number of students at a location
    • Construction projects
    • Property/business owner complaints.


    17. What process is used to determine an arterial stop location?
    A physical audit of the location is conducted and numerous factors are evaluated, such as:
    • Accessibility for buses & students
    • Type of road network
    • Geographic location for student distribution
    • Florida traffic laws
    • Traffic volume
    • Sexual Predator data
    • Traffic/pedestrian control devices
    • Lighting
    • Staging area
    • Parking
    • Impact on area businesses

    18. What process is used to identify and assign a student to an arterial bus stop?

    Students are identified based on their legal address and are assigned to an arterial bus stop based on their location and other students in the area attending the same school.   

    19. Are any arterial stop locations still located on main roads? If so, why?

    Yes, because some communities have limited access from the main roads. School Board policy and State Statutes restrict school buses from:

    • Operating on private roadways
    • Gated communities
    • Apartment complexes

    20. It's recommended that arterial stop locations be placed at schools. Are there any arterial stop locations not at schools? If so, why?

    Yes, because of:

    • Student location
    • To avoid interfering with school operations and bell times
    • Traffic flow
    • Narrow residential streets around the schools
    • Remote location of school; ex. Tarpon HS

    21. Explain the on-going process used to evaluate existing bus stop locations.

    Transportation staff continuously evaluates bus stop locations throughout the year based on many variables:

    • Issues received through the district call center
    • Parent concerns
    • Random spot checks during pick up and drop off times
    • Sexual Predator data
    • School concerns
    • School Bus Driver input
    • Municipality issues

    22. What information will be on the school bus transportation postcard mailed to parents/students that will assist them in determining the location of an arterial stop?

    • Pick up and drop off location
    • Route Number
    • Pick up and drop off times
    • AM & PM corner designation


    23. What preparations have been made by the Transportation department to facilitate the opening of the school?

    • Safety Team members and other transportation staff will monitor stop locations throughout the district on opening day .
    • Route coordinators and Safety Team members will continue to review and cross-check students and stop information.
    • Bus drivers will conduct dry runs for route/stop familiarization and to identify and report any possible safety concerns.