School Bus Safety Tips Video

A few things bus driver Erin Delahanty would like drivers to keep in mind when busses are on the roads:

  • When the amber lights begin to flash and the stop arms extend from the side of the bus, STOP. This should be treated as a red traffic light.
  • The bus driver cannot proceed from a stop until all riders are safely in their seats. Cars should not proceed until the stop arm is completely retracted and the lights are no longer flashing.
  • Please do not attempt to flag down your child’s bus or driver. If you have a situation that needs attention, please call 727-587-2020. Dispatch will be contacted to determine whether the driver needs to be notified of the situation.
  • Please be a courteous driver and yield to bus drivers attempting to merge into traffic, change lanes or enter or exit a highway.
  • If a bus stops on a road with a raised median, traffic traveling in the opposite direction is NOT required to stop. However, please remain cautious and vigilant of children entering and exiting the bus.