• **Please have students at assigned bus stop locations 10 minutes earlier than assigned time but no more than 10 minutes earlier than assigned time***


    Student must be outside of automobile at assigned stop location and at assign time.


    Please call district call center for ETA after 30 minutes beyond assigned time.


    Routing for PCS Transportation is done during the summer for the start of the school year.


    The cutoff date for all system information to be accurate is June 14th.  


    Please visit STUDENT ASSIGNMENT and select the appropriate icon in the top center if you need assistance with

    • Initial registration of student for routing
    • Make a student address change
    • Update any student information that would result in a bus stop location move or a creation of a new stop


    You can update the information in the parent portal and take two pieces of documentation of proof of residency to the school for verification of the new address. Once all documentation is collected and confirmed at the school level, routing will be notified and they will review and make changes and adjustments as needed. Those changes will take effect 3 business days after route modification has been made. Parents will be notified of the new bus assignment.


    Our mission is “To provide safe transportation for students in a timely and efficient manner”, our route designers have safety as their top priority. If you feel your route is unsafe, please call the call center at 727-587-2020 to submit a concern that our safety team will investigate. You can find more information on  road safety under the Road Safety.