Field Trip and Truck Request

  • Terms and Conditions for Requesting a Field Trip Bus from Pinellas County Schools

    Please have the following information ready prior to requesting your trip in the Travel Tracker website:

    • Date of trip
    • Time of trip (10:15am-1pm or after 5pm)
    • Exact trip location
    • Correct funding information
    • Number of students and chaperones attending


    Additional Information:

    • 10-Day lead time to enter trip in system.
    • NO out of county trips on school days.
    • NO trips on non-school days or holidays.
    • Customer is responsible for locating bus parking and paying fees.
    • Driver paid tolls or charged by plate tolls will be charged to the customer.
    • Customer will provide student roster to the driver.
    • Only 65 passenger buses are available.


    Field Trips start date for 2022-2023 school year: Aug. 22, 2022 - End date: May 12, 2023

    Summer field trips: TBD


    Rate: Mile rate $1.75 + Hourly rate $34.50 (as of 8/1/22)

    All fees are PER Vehicle (Vehicle or Warehouse Truck) and estimates for mile/hours may vary from actual mileage/hours due to traffic patterns, accidents, multiple destinations, etc.


    Regular School Days: 

    All vehicles - 2.5 hours ($86.25/vehicle) = 2 hour Minimum + ½ hour vehicle prep fee + Actual round-trip mileage


    Evenings and Weekends:

    All vehicles - 5 hours ($172.50/vehicle) = 4 hour minimum + 1 hour vehicle prep fee + Actual round trip mileage

    Cancellations: No charge if cancelled 24 hours prior to trip. Minimum charge (hourly minimum + prep fee) will apply if cancelled at site.

    Summer exception during the 4-day work week. Monday cancels must be received on the THURSDAY prior to the Monday trip.  



    Bus Billing

    • Billing/Financial questions: Facilities and Operations, Invoices & Estimates: Pam Van Durme 727-547-7108
    • Vehicle Use Agreement Contracts for Non-school-based customers: Pam Van Durme 727-547-7108 or Joe Maceda 727-547-7143


    Bus Scheduling

    • Trip scheduling changes/cancellations: Transportation Field Trip Clerk: Shannon Hunter 727-638-3383  (all changes and cancellations must be sent by email)
    • Less than 10 day requests -Transportation Department Director: T. Mark Hagewood
    • Route scheduling set up and cost information: Crystal Brogdon


    Equipment needed on a bus for a field trip:

    • Harnesses, star seats, etc must be ordered in advance by contacting Nancy Fry at


    After hours contact numbers: 

    Until 6:00PM - Dispatch: 727-547-7173

    After 6:00PM - Schools Police: 727-547-7221


    Truck Help

    Trucks needed during the school day must be ordered using M328 in Terms. Trucks needed for evening and weekends will have to be notated in Travel Tracker.

    Warehouse Department: Hank Porter 727- 547-7129

    After hours contact numbers - After 3:30: Joe Zihala 727- 638-2699


    Invoices and Payments

    • You will receive an email when your invoice is ready to view in Travel Tracker.
    • Payments are due within 30 days from invoice date. Delinquent payments may result in discontinuance of service.
    • Checks are to be made payable to “Pinellas County School Board”
    • Send checks to the following address:


    Pinellas County Schools Facilities and Operations Department
    Walter Pownall Service Center
    11111 S. Belcher Rd. Largo, Fl 33773
    Attn: Pam VanDurme


    PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS to the accounting department at the administration building.