Center for Communications, Journalism, and Multimedia

  • Center for International Studies in the Arts and Multimedia Journalism
    John Hopkins Middle School

    701 16th St. S, St. Petersburg
    (727) 893-2400

    As the Pinellas County's Middle School Center for Communicaitons, Journalism, and Multimedia, we offer classes in journalism, TV production, and multimedia technology. All of these facets are tied into our award-winning school newspaper, The J.Hop Times. Our magnet programs offer "Focus Classes", in which 6th grade students pick a point of interest and focus on that area in great depth. Focus classes are much more than traditional electives offered at other middle schools. We take our focus programs seriously, allowing the students to study their area of interest in great depth during two-period blocks each day. With highly qualified, expert teachers in each focus area and state-of-the-art facilities to support the programs, there is no better place for your student to follow their passion than John Hopkins Middle School.

    The Center for Journalism and Multimedia magnet offers students the ability to specialize in one of three different areas: Journalism, TV Production, and Multimedia Technology. The cornerstone of the program is the production of the J.Hop Times newspaper, per its tandem website,, and a TV morning show. The J.Hop Times has been named the most outstanding middle school newspaper by Weekly Reader multiple times.


    Academic Profile of a Successful Student

    The Center for International Studies in the Arts and Multimedia Journalism program at John Hopkins Middle School is an academically rigorous program in which students participate in advanced or accelerated math, science, social studies or language arts courses. In addition, students in this program participate in required elective courses which may include technology, world language, or the arts. Students who typically do well in this program earn mostly As and Bs on their report cards, maintaining a 3.0 average and earn a level 3 or higher on their FSA mathematics and language arts assessments. Students new to Pinellas County Schools who do not have an FSA score, can look at their standardized test scores from their previous school to determine if they have at least a 5 stanine or a percentile rank of 42 or higher in both reading/language arts and mathematics.


    Once enrolled in the program, students must attend all classes regularly, maintain a C average in each class for each semester as well as abide by the Code of Student Conduct. Falling below these expectations may result in placement on probation and/or dismissal from the program. Please review the District Application Program Procedures available on the Pinellas County Schools website for further information.