Frequently Asked Acceptance Period Questions

  • Frequently Asked Acceptance Period Questions


    Q. Will I receive any official written notification if my child is accepted into one of these programs?

    A. NO, you must log into the Student Reservation System (SRS) during the acceptance period, Feb. 10-21, 2020, to find out which school/ program you have been accepted to, then you either accept the invitation or take no action to remain on all wait lists.


    Q. What happens if my child is invited to a program, but I do not log back into the SRS during the acceptance period?

    A. To guarantee your child’s seat at the school from which an invitation was offered, you must log in during the appropriate dates to accept the invitation (Feb. 10-21, 2020). If you do not log back into the SRS system to accept an invitation during this period, your child’s invitation will no longer be valid.


    Q. If I apply to one of these schools and accept an invitation, can I change my mind and try to get into a zoned school instead?

    A. You may, but there is no guarantee that a seat would be available in the zoned school. Students entering kindergarten, sixth, or ninth grade are assigned to their zoned school in most cases. Students in other grades will be assigned based on seat availability.


    Q. Are seats offered for every grade?

    A. No, most programs only have seats available for the incoming grade level (KG, 6th, and 9th grade).  Only if there is available space are seats offered at other grade levels.  Typically, elementary schools have a few openings at 4th grade as the teacher-to-student ratio increases.  All other grade applicants go on a wait list.  As seats open, the school will call and offer seats to parents on the wait list. 


    Q. How long can my child stay on a wait list if no invitation is received?

    A. Applicants stay on the wait list for all of the programs to which they apply until they accept an invitation to one of the programs. Accepting an invitation to a program automatically removes a student’s name from all other waiting lists (except for the Centers for Gifted Studies). For grades K-7, waiting lists expire on March 1 of the applied for school year.  For grades 8-12, waiting lists expire on the 11th day of the second semester.  


    Q. If I am not a Pinellas County resident, when will I find out my results?

     A. SAP applications are handled by the Student Assignment Office and are on a different timeline.  Notification will occur after the District Application Programs' Initial Application, Acceptance, and Wait List periods. Please call Student Assignment at 727.588.6210  for more infomation about the SAP process.


    Q. What happens at the end of the school year if my student is currently in a DAP program and on the wait list for a different DAP program?

     A. At the end of the school year, you will need to decide whether you want to stay at the current program and be taken off the wait list of the other program or transfer to your zoned school to remain on the other program’s wait list.


     Q. What can I do if I have a question or problem with the application process?

     A.  If it is a technical question about the online system, parents may contact the Tech Help center at (727) 588-6060 or email For all other questions, call Student Assignment, (727) 588-6210.