Kevin Hendrick Welcome

Kevin K. HendrickWelcome! I am honored to serve as Pinellas County Schools superintendent. As a proud graduate of Largo High and a longtime resident of Pinellas County, I have deep roots in our community. I am eager to collaborate with our families, staff and community members to continue the great work of the past decade and lift our district to the next level as a top-performing school district. Raising the bar will not only boost academic success. It will also help us grow our climate and culture of excellence. 

In addition to academics, health, safety and a climate of collaboration are my key priorities as we accelerate our work on early learning, strengthen efforts to narrow achievement gaps, increase teacher training opportunities and expand experiences that improve student and family engagement. I look forward to working with our incredible community to ensure that every student has the resources and the opportunities to reach their full potential. 

We’ll continue to cultivate strong relationships with community and business partners. We are fortunate to have so many successful partnerships, and we are actively developing new and innovative partnerships that will benefit our students academically, physically and socially. Here are a few of the newest ones: 

  • Thanks to our partnership with the Pinellas Education Foundation, we are improving our College and Career Centers and expanding them to all our traditional high schools.
  • With support from the foundation, we are launching a health and wellness pilot with the TB12 Foundation, founded by Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.
  • We are partnering with the Innovation Foundation, created by Catherine Wood, to pilot a new and innovative science curriculum for our sixth-grade students, focused on the current global technology transformation.
  • We are partnering with the YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg to build a joint community center and state of the art middle school.

You’ll hear more about these exciting partnerships as the school year progresses. 

Our entire community plays a role for our vision of 100% student success. I am eager to hear from families, staff, students and community members and learn from you. I look forward to working with you to ensure that our students are prepared for college, careers and life. Stay tuned for opportunities to share your ideas. 

Kevin K. Hendrick