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     A Few Messages from the Elevating Excellence Coordinator:

    Elevating Excellence Scholars,
    Applerouth- a professional test preparation company- is offering a few Free released ACT and SAT online proctored test administrations on a first-come-first-served basis. 
    For the class of 2021 both the SAT and ACT will be offering an online SAT ( Judy IDK the details about this. Can you add them if you know them ??? 



    Greetings EE Scholars and Families,

    Please read the entire message to learn about resources that will be helpful as you continue your college and career journey with a focus on the college-going process.

    I have recently attended several webinars about how the college admissions environment is responding to COVID19. Although the details are a little different at each college, the general message is that colleges and universities are thinking about the obstacles/barriers you may face and how they will be able to support the class of 2021. They are pledging to be mindful during the admissions process and encourage open communication between you and your admissions officer.  

    If you want to get updates about what is happening at any of the colleges you are considering, I encourage you to explore this page that is getting status updates and putting them together in one searchable location: https://www.nacacnet.org/news--publications/newsroom/college-admission-status-coronavirus/

    I want to share an innovative solution to college fairs and college visits. Because students have lost opportunities to visit colleges NACAC is hosting a FREE conference and college fair filled with three days of live-stream expert presentations for students and families and a concurrent virtual college fair with fully interactive booths.  Students can chat live with college admissions representatives, helping to find fit.  Go to https://virtual.gotocollegefairs.com/ and follow the NACAC instructions.  

    I have more EXCITING news about a unique opportunity available to you! The College Essay Guy (who is kind of a legend to ELA teachers and school counselors) is offering a virtual college essay seminar. I strongly encourage you to check out his website here: https://www.collegeessayguy.com/ .  The link at the end of this paragraph can be used to self-register for the FREE one-week boot camp.  Feel free to share all of this information with your friends. These are open resources and available to anyone!

    LINK FOR FREE BOOT-CAMP https://www.collegeessayguy.com/sub-ceg-for-schools-students

    Finally, If you haven’t yet signed up for the Elevating Excellence Summer Seminar you still can here: www.pcsb.org/ee

    Okay, Scholars, that’s it for now! Take time to learn and time to love…give your best to those around you as it is a tough time for all of us.


    Mrs. Moseley

    Elevating Excellence Coordinator