Visitors and Volunteers

  • In order to limit exposure for all students and staff, the district will limit campus and facility visits by any nonessential visitors, community organizations, businesses, municipal partners, and speakers. Essential visitors are defined as those with business critical to the operation of the district (e.g. contractors, deliveries, members of the Department of Health, etc.).

    All essential visitors, community organizations, businesses, municipal partners, and speakers must make an appointment to visit the Administration Building, Walter Pownall Service Center and school sites. Visitors without an appointment may not be granted entry into a facility. The processes below will be reviewed at the end of the first quarter to determine if changes can be made.

    At this time, all volunteer/mentoring opportunities will be conducted virtually, unless directed by the school principal and approved by the Area Superintendent/Chief. All individuals entering a school or district building must follow the protocols outlined below. 

    • Prior to a scheduled visit, all individuals must affirm their wellness by completing the COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool.
    • All individuals will practice social distancing and wear a mask/face covering at all times.
    • Volunteers who participate in sporting and other organizations/club events/activities shall take all precautions to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to players, families, coaches and communities, including social distancing, frequent handwashing and wearing a mask/face covering.
      • As a reminder, prior to volunteering, all volunteers must be background-approved Level 1.  All Level 1 volunteers will be supervised at all times.  All Level 2 volunteers are permitted to be unsupervised with students, but must follow the CDC guidelines.  Level 2 volunteers must wear their Level 2 badges when on school campus.
      • Any volunteer on a campus must be assigned to the same group of students (cohort) each time they volunteer.



    PCS Face Coverings Policy