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    Level Up is a virtual enrichment opportunity that allows students and families to make the most of their PCS Connects digital learning devices and to help them remain connected to learning. There are a variety of enhancement options for all grade levels including STEM, virtual history museum tours and ACT and SAT preparation courses.


    English Language Arts

    English Language Arts








     Summer Reading

    Join Bronwyn McCarthy, Program Coordinator of Library Media, and learn more about the Summer Reading programs and resources that are available in Pinellas County.  Learn how students in grades 2 through 4, and grades 5 through 7 can get their hands on the latest book releases this summer. You will also get a sneak peek at the Sunshine State book list for the next school year. Best of all, the resources mentioned in this event are FREE and accessible to all students in Pinellas County schools.

    Watch the session for grades 2-4 video

    Watch the session for grades 5-7 video

    Taking Middle School Reading Demands from What? To Wow!

    Middle school students and parents will practice a 5-step process for reading and understanding grade level text. Participants will engage in Socratic Seminar and receive tips on how to transfer the 5-step reading process to any text including those in standardized reading assessments. The session will be facilitated by the 2013 Pinellas County Teacher of the Year Joanne Wright, Reading teacher at Palm Harbor Middle School. View additional resources:



    A Few Writing Tools

    This series of short writing videos is designed for 4th and 5th grade students as they hone their informational and opinion writing skills. In the video series, we offer simple and practical tips and share advice from writing experts such as Lucy Calkins and Dr. Roy Peter Clark. Students can watch the videos for writing tips, ideas, and reminders such as writing with a “teacher voice” and “going big and going bold.”  Each video segment will feature a writing tool and ask students to apply that tool by using the text sets provided along with the videos. Students will add to their toolbox of writing strategies as they work their way through the series. Watch videos and view other writing resources.

    Writing introductions and conclusions

    This interactive session will give an overview of the writing process, with a focus on how to construct an introduction and a conclusion in both an informative and argumentative essay. Students will have opportunities to engage in writing parts of a good introduction and conclusion and be given information on a Canvas Module they can use for extra practice beyond the learning session. Parents are welcome to join their students for this hands-on learning session. Students and parents can access video and all resources through the student log in on Canvas. Use the link and enrollment code below to go directly to the module. Students can self-enroll in the course at Alternatively, sign up at and use the following join code: 9T6G88



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     Middle School Science Session

    Middle school students are invited to a live Teams event where some commonly misunderstood science concepts will be demonstrated. Students will also be challenged to think outside the box when it comes to science. If you're in middle school or a parent of a middle schooler, this event is for you! Watch the session here.

    10 Things to Know About the Biology EOC

    Both live sessions of 10 Things to Know About the Biology EOC Level Up event went well with 390 students participating from 17 high schools to get tips, tricks and a review of critical content for the highest possible score on the Biology EOC exam. Your student can access the materials used in the sessions. Students should select the appropriate link based on their high school and should log in to the Nearpod using their Microsoft O365 account (r2.d2 and password).

    High School Standardized Math Test Prep

    This districtwide and centralized math course on Canvas is designed to help support high school seniors who have yet to pass the FSA Algebra 1 EOC for their graduation requirement. Two of the district’s best math teachers will work with the seniors who will be tutored and offered practice with PERT and ACT content. This work will help students receive a concordant score for their FSA Algebra 1 EOC. Join High School Standardized Math Test Prep.

    Math Tutoring for 3-5 grade students

    Mathematics tutoring is being provided to third through fifth grade students at schools across the district.  More than 320 teachers received training on the strategic use of Dreambox Learning's Assignments feature and the district-created Spiral Review PPTs. Students can continue to have access to the Dreambox and iReady apps through Clever during the summer.


    Social Studies









     Night at the Museum: U.S. History EOC Review!

    This collaborative with community partners Tampa Bay History Center, The Florida Holocaust Museum, The James Museum, and St. Petersburg Museum of History will provide virtual tours and presentations from a museum historian/ content expert for high school U.S. History students in preparation for the End-of-Course exam. 

    Who's Behind the Information? Analyzing Online Sources

    In this one-hour session students and parents are invited to participate in an activity to learn why and how to become critical readers on online information. Who published it and why are two very important pieces to becoming an active and responsible citizen. Watch the Analyzing Online Sources session.


    Early Childhood

    Young students hugging

    Tiny Topic for Early Childhood

    Yackety-Yak!  Please Talk Back!  

    Oral language lays the foundation for the reading and writing skills children will develop as they progress through school.  Join us for some oral language fun! Wath the recording here.


    Logos, Signs, and Symbols:  Reading the World Around Us  

    Opportunities for reading are all around us.  Learn how to use logos, signs, and symbols to teach early reading skills. TEAMS Meeting Link:  Watch the recording here.

    Learn more information about Early Childhood Education at

    Engaging Early Learners with Language Development at Home

    This workshop is for parents on how to utilize strategies at home to increase vocabulary and language development for early learners and early learners with developmental language delays. Examples will be provided to parents with strategies on how to engage in language development in the home on a day-to-day basis. ESE Early Childhood, PreK-K;   Join Engaging Early Learners with Language Development at Home.



    Student at computer taking a test









    Being ready for the AP Spanish, French, or German Language and Culture Exams

    Being ready for the AP Spanish, French, or German Language and Culture Exam is very important. Attend this virtual session and learn what you can do to be ready and at your best for exam day. Tips about each section of the exam, as well as some general success tips, will be offered. Any student taking an exam this year or planning to take one in the future and/or parents should attend. Watch the virtual session here.

    Ready Test Go: Mindful Test Taking Strategies

    This session will focus on supporting students in grades 6-12 who are preparing for the FSA, ELA and Math. Sessions will include topics such as FSA preparation, managing test anxiety and test taking strategies and will be led by secondary instructional staff developers. Join Ready Test Go: Mindful Test Taking Strategies.


    Performing/Visual Art

    Students on a stage








    Overcoming Stage Anxiety

    Stage Anxiety: The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about but everyone experiences. We will explore the numerous physical and mental reactions that musicians experience when performing and will build a toolbox of ways to manage and handle the stress. Grades 6-8; View a recording of the Overcoming Stage Anxiety session.

    Discover Free Online Art Activities

    Parents and students will learn about producing art online at home. They will learn about exciting free online art learning and making applications that can be accessed with PCS Connects devices at home. Grades 4-8. Watch the Discover Free Online Art Activities session.


    Summer Explorations

    Summer Explorations Elementary School Edition: There are myOn weekly summer challenges that includes prizes, reading activities on Istation and math skills on Dreambox. Summer Explorations Elementary School Edition Information.

    Summer Exploration Middle School Edition: Play hockey, run your own business and learn about future careers while strengthening your math, science and reading skills by using the Everifi app. You can also join Moby and BrainPOP for grammar, reading or writing skill enhancements on the BrainPOP app. Summer Exploration Middle School Edition information.

    High School Summer Enrichment Activities : Reading, English/ELA, Social Studies, Science and Math. Each subject has information and activities to engage students in continued learning throughout the summer. The resources will also prepare students for success in the upcoming school year.  High School Summer Enrichment Activities information.