2021-2022 Previous Level Up Sessions

  • English Language Arts

    Overview of services for parents with new-to-gifted students

    Parents of students who have recently been identified as gifted will be invited to attend a session that will overview the types of services, supports, curriculum, and resources available in Pinellas County. Parents will get an invite with their gifted eligibility paperwork. Target Group: Students in grades K-8. Quarter 4, May 13, 2022, from noon- 1 p.m. and will also be recorded. www.pcsb.org/NewToGifted

    "Hey Did you Know" self-paced enrichment. Nearpods on a variety of topics are available on an open Canvas course.

    Students have a button in Clever titled "Hey Did You Know." Here, students can access self-paced mini-courses in a variety of topics and content areas. They can also suggest new topics. The mini-courses can be accessed in class as "early finishers" or from home any time. This feature is designed for gifted and talented learners but are accessible by all district students. Four new topics will be added each month starting in October. Target Group: K-5 Gifted. Access via Clever.


    Biology Level-Up Archives

    Please use the Biology Level-Up Sway to access all of the Biology Level-Up Nearpods designed to review and practice critical content and prepare students for success on their Biology End of Course Exam. 

    Biology Level-Up Sway

    Get Ready for the SSA!

    Gain access to a variety of resources to use at home to review and prepare for the May assessment. Audience: 5th Grade Parents and Guardians.  
    View the student-paced Nearpod link
    View the student-paced Padlet link

    Semester 1 Middle School Science Review

    For this semester's Level UP challenge, we want to make sure we are ready for Semester Exams. Content area background builder challenges have been designed to help you review and explore topics you covered during Semester 1. This Discovery Board has our top pick of topics. Something for everyone. Something for YOU. Connect, learn and share knowledge.  Participate in the Middle School Science Level UP, or click the button on your Clever home page for links and directions. Target Group: Grades 6-8.

    World Languages

    How to get the most from your World Languages Class

    What can you do to make sure you get the most from your World Languages Class?  Whether you’re studying American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, or Spanish, there are things you can do to make sure you’re acquiring the language.  This short session will help you understand the essentials so that you’ll soon be using your language skills in true contexts.  This session is good for any World Languages student in the district and for parents seeking ways to help their child succeed in acquiring a second language. Date: Dec. 2021-June 2022. Watch the session.

  • Early Childhood

    Young students hugging

    Tiny Topics for Early Childhood

    Yackety-Yak!  Please Talk Back!  

    Oral language lays the foundation for the reading and writing skills children will develop as they progress through school.  Join us for some oral language fun! Watch the recording here.

    Logos, Signs, and Symbols:  Reading the World Around Us  

    Opportunities for reading are all around us.  Learn how to use logos, signs, and symbols to teach early reading skills. TEAMS Meeting Link:  Watch the recording here.

    Learn more information about Early Childhood Education at www.pcsb.org/early

    Social Studies

    Night at the Museum: U.S. History EOC Review!

    This collaborative with community partners Tampa Bay History Center, The Florida Holocaust Museum, The James Museum, and St. Petersburg Museum of History will provide virtual tours and presentations from a museum historian/ content expert for high school U.S. History students in preparation for the End-of-Course exam. 

    Performing/Visual Art

    The James Museum and artist Stan Natchez Virtual Art Field Trip

    This interactive session will include stories of art-making adventures from a famous Native American Pop Artist with art exhibited in The James Museum. Online resources will be shared for students to create their own Pop Art!. Grades 4-8. Watch the session here. Access the self-paced Nearpod interactive presentation with linked online resources with student code: zg5ic.

    Discover Free Online Art Activities

    Parents and students will learn about producing art online at home. They will learn about exciting free online art learning and making applications that can be accessed with PCS Connects devices at home. Grades 4-8. Watch the Discover Free Online Art Activities session.