Kevin Daniels

Kevin Daniels

Officer Kevin Daniels, a 11-year veteran of law enforcement, started his career with the Kenneth City Police Department in 2006 after he graduated from St. Petersburg College PRC Class #157. A graduate of Gibbs High School, Officer Daniels received an Associates in Theater Arts from St. Petersburg College while working patrol for Kenneth City.

During his time with the Kenneth City Police Department, Officer Daniels was named DUI Enforcement Officer of the Year for 2007. He also became an Instructor for TASER, Vehicle Operations, and Firearms. He was Certified Field Training Officer with the Kenneth City Police Department, working with new police recruits to train them for the streets.

Officer Daniels has worked with the Allstate Center Training Academy for both new recruits and equivalency of training for out of state applicants in two high liability areas: Vehicle Operations and Firearms.

When not on patrol Officer Daniels teaches stage combat and stunt work for local acting schools, high school and college theater departments. He also volunteers with the MUCH Foundation and other local charities.


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