Transformation Zone

  • "THE" Transformation Zone - Transformation=Heart+Effort The Transformation Zone consists of  schools that may need more support as they strive to ensure that students are prepared and poised for 100 percent success during their education journey. Within the Transformation Zone, educators at all levels work collaboratively to build strong schools that enables all students to achieve at or above grade level.


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    Transformation Zone Schools


    Middle Schools
    Bay Point
    John Hopkins

    Elementary Schools
    Campbell Park
    Fairmount Park
    Lealman Avenue
    Mount Vernon
    New Heights
    Seventy-Fourth Street

      Transformation Zone Documents

    Scale up for Success

    The Scale Up for Success Initiative is a model of support, designed in collaboration with the Juvenile Welfare Board and the principals and teachers of the five schools and focuses on increasing achievement for all students with an emphasis on closing the achievement gap and turning around low-performing schools. The Scale Up for Success Initiative’s implementation began in September 2014 at Campbell Park, Fairmount Park, Lakewood, Maximo and Melrose elementary schools. Read more about Scale up for Success.