Auditing & Property Records Department


    "The mission of the District Auditing and Property Records Department is to facilitate district personnel toward achieving maximum accountability of finance and property in alignment with the district comprehensive plan."

    The auditing and property records department is designed to perform audits, review operations and procedures in compliance with state guidelines, school board policy and procedures, to report findings and make recommendations to the school district administration.

    We conduct a variety of audits and review activities which result in providing key administrators (area superintendents, principals and department heads) with analysis, appraisals, recommendations and information to facilitate effective decisionmaking. These services include, but are not limited to:
    • Internal Control Evaluations
    • Compliance Audits
    • Financial Audits
    • Food Service Audits
    • Payroll Audits
    • Inventory of Property Items
    • Special Investigative Audits for Fraud or Other Irregularities