ESE Advisory Committee

  •  Open to the public… Anyone interested in attending the Pinellas County Schools Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Advisory Committee Meetings are welcome. The function of the forum is to allow all stakeholder groups, to include, but not limited to parents, teachers, administrators, district personnel and community members to collaborate, gain information and have opportunities for input and involvement regarding ESE programs, practices, and procedures. Various membership positions are available on an ongoing basis. For more additional information and/or preregistration, please contact Tracy McMannus at or (727)588-6062.


    Special Note: In the event you are requiring additional assistance in accessessing the information contained on this resource site, please contact the Pinellas County Schools ESE Parent Services contact person, Tracy McMannus.  Email at or by phone at (727)588-6062.


    What is Pinellas County Schools ESE Advisory Committee?

    ESE Advisory is a group of parents, students, community agencies, and school and district staff who are interested in exceptional student education in Pinellas County Schools.
    ESE Advisory Overview
    ESE Advisory Meetings 2018-19

    What is the purpose of ESE Advisory?

    The purpose of the ESE Advisory Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to ensure that all stakeholders involved in exceptional student education in Pinellas County Schools are informed and provided with the opportunity to be involved in the education of exceptional students.

    What are the functions of ESE Advisory?
    To increase knowledge of exceptional education for all stakeholder groups, to include, but not be limited to: parents*, both general and exceptional education teachers, administrators, district personnel and community members. Knowledge will be shared via presentations, training, classroom visitations, mentors, web site and informational brochures.

    1. *The IDEA definition of parent is used, meaning the person acting as the parent.
    2. To act as a communication link and increase communication skills for all stakeholder groups.
    3. To review the annual budget for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) allocation to Pinellas County Schools and make recommendations for its use, recognizing that approval of the budget is delegated to the Pinellas County School Board and the Florida Department of Education. Additional budget information relating to exceptional students may be requested and reviewed by the committee.
    4. To provide an annual executive summary highlighting committee activities to the Assistant Superintendent of Exceptional Student Education. This report shall be incorporated in the annual IDEA discretionary grant application, which is submitted to the Pinellas County School Board and the Florida Department of Education. The annual executive summary may be presented to the board at a regularly scheduled meeting.
    When and where does ESE Advisory meet?
    The Pinellas County Schools Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Advisory Committee is in process of change.  The first ESE Advisory Committee Meeting for the 2019-2020 school year will be held at the Pinellas County Schools Administration Building located at 301 4th Street S.W. Largo, Florida 33770.  The meeting is held from 6:00pm-7:30pm in room B213.  Non-committee members are asked to RSVP through Tracy McMannus at or (727)588-6062.  Thank you. 
    Who can attend ESE Advisory?

    All interested people may attend. The committee has 50 elected members representing stakeholder groups, but nonmembers are welcome to participate. Nonmembers are asked to RSVP to Tracy McMannus at 588-6062.
    Parent Memberships/Representatives needed: 
    Specific Learning Disability (1), Emotional Behavior Disability (2), High School/Extended Transition Student (1).
    PCS District Staff Representatives Openings include: 
     ESE Teacher or Related Service Provider (9-12), General Education Teacher 6-8,  Support Staff Pre K-5, Administrator Pre K-5, Administrator 6-8.
    If interested in being an ESE Advisory Committee member representative you may contact Tracy McMannus - ESE Parent Services/Staff Developer via phone (727)588-6062 or email interest to  Thank you. 

    What does it mean that ESE Advisory meetings are subject to Florida's Sunshine Law?

    Participants are cautioned that when discussing their child in a public forum, they are giving up their rights to confidentiality. Parents and teachers may only waive their own right to confidentiality and not that of another parent or student. It is important that no personally identifiable information about someone else be shared at meetings.



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