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    Creating a Lasting Shift in Learning

    Pinellas County Schools is empowering more students to take ownership of their learning.

    More than 25 Pinellas schools are implementing personalized learning or developing new personalized learning programs. Personalized learning tailors learning experiences to each student’s individual needs, skills and interests. The goal is to engage students in their own learning and better prepare them for success in college, careers and life. The opportunities are part of Pinellas Innovates, the district’s long-range plan to personalize learning.

    Personalized learning uses a variety of tools to help each student identify their individual skills, strengths, weaknesses, interests and aspirations. Students work with their teachers to develop specific learning experiences and goals based on those elements.

    To further personalize learning, the district is working on plans to enable students to progress to higher levels of learning after they master concepts and skills, rather than after a specified timeframe.
    Each school involved in Pinellas Innovates designs personalized learning plans based on feedback from their teachers and school communities.