Middle School Winter Holiday Challenge

  • Holiday Challenge Snowman Over the course of winter break we encourage families to work with their students to keep learning active. When you type the link below into your web browser you will be directed to Office 365 where you will sign in with your Focus username and password. It will then take you to an OneNote document. On the left of the overview page (which looks just like this) you will see the sections for ELA, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Math. Each link will take you to a different page. The pages in this website allow students to continue their learning in an engaging, online format.

    How to take the Winter Holiday Challenge:
    1. Click or type the link www.tinyurl.com/hdjj3xx into the web browser's url address bar:
    2. You will be taken to the Office 365 login screen where the student needs to type in their PCS email address (R2.D2@pcsb.org). Remember to use the dot!
    3. You will be automatically directed to another login screen where you will again enter in your R2.D2 (without the @pcsb.org) and also your password. Once you click OK you will be able to access the Holiday Challenge page and activities.
    4. If you experience difficulties, please go through the steps again and/or try a different web browser.

    The ELA, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math sections are divided by grade level. In each of those tabs you will find links to sites that match with the content you have studied or will study in your classes this year.

    Your challenge is to read, compute, watch, or play (depending on the link) the resource links that you find the most interesting and then go to the O365 Response Link to record what you've learned and how long you spent learning it. Be sure to complete a separate O365 form for each activity you complete.

    Individual schools, departments, or teachers will determine participation goals and what the reward will be.