Center for Literacy Innovation at Midtown Academy

  • Child raising hand at Center for Literacy Innovation

    To request a screening assessment to determine whether your child can benefit from this program,  please call 727-588-6532.

    Pinellas County Schools plans to open the NEW Center for Literacy Innovation in the 2021-2022 school year to serve students in grades 1-5 who have dyslexia and/or a specific pattern of reading difficulties. 


    The Center for Literacy Innovation at Midtown Academy in St. Petersburg will provide a structured, systematic and multisensory approach to literacy instruction aimed at empowering and challenging students. Students will have opportunities for remediation in reading, writing and math, and schoolwide enrichment will be provided.


    Virtual Info Session

    Questions about the new program: Please contact Eileen Leili in our ESE department at or 727-588-6505.

    Questions about Midtown Academy: Please contact Midtown Academy Principal Keila Victor at 727-893-1358.


    This program will serve students in grades 1-5. Students who are currently in kindergarten through 4th grade who live in the South County Application Area can apply.

    The South County Application Area includes students zoned for the following middle schools: Azalea Middle, Bay Point Middle, John Hopkins Middle, Meadowlawn Middle and Tyrone Middle. 

    Find your zoned school.


    Pinellas County Schools provides arterial school bus transportation for students who attend magnet programs and who live more than two miles from their schools.  Arterial transportation restricts bus operations to main roads and limits the number of stops to keep bus rides as short as possible. Please note: Arterial bus stops may be farther than 1 1/2 miles from students' homes and students may be required to cross a multi-lane road.  

    Interested in the Center for Literacy Innovation in North County?

    Elisa Nelson Elementary School in Palm Harbor also has a Center for Literacy Innovation. For information about the program at Elisa Nelson Elementary, please contact Calla Alford, Assistant Principal, at 727-298-2788 or