Summer Career Acceleration Program

  • Summer Career Acceleration Program

    The Summer Career Acceleration Program aims to ensure that rising seniors graduate prepared to enter the workforce with real world experience. The program prepares students for the workforce through a combination of a summer internship, career readiness skills training and a financial literacy workshop. This exciting program can have an enormous impact on students’ futures. Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped with skills that will bolster job opportunities and provide them with opportunities for greater long-term success.

    Pinellas County Schools is teaming up with the Pinellas Education Foundation, Bank of America, and the CareerSource of Pinellas to make this program a success.

    Registration info: Email resume to employers by March 31, 2022 - See List of Employers

    Requirements: Students must be 16 years old or older to participate.

    Dates: June 2 - July 15.

    Grade levels for participating students: Students entering 12th grade (current 11th graders).

    Locations: Various local business partners.


    Pinellas County Schools and the Pinellas Education Foundation are seeking business partners to host student interns for the program.


    Quick Facts:

    • Program begins June 2 and ends July 15 (6 weeks). On June 2 and June 3, students will learn about career readiness skills and financial literacy.  Hours: 9 a.m. to noon.
    • Internship starts June 6. Students will work on the days and times that are needed by their employer.
    • Students will get paid $12 per hour.
    • Students must be 16 years old on or before June 2.


      Business owners are responsible for:

    • Having a single point of contact for communication.
    • Reinforce workplace readiness skills in the workplace.


    Student Intern Profile:

    • Students who are entering 12th grade in Pinellas County Schools and are 16-18 years old.
    • Students who will likely need to work upon high school graduation.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What types of business partners are being sought?

    All types of businesses—private, public sector, non-profits, municipalities and more are sought for intern placement.

    How will businesses select student interns?

    Interns will interview with prospective employers.  Employers will select whom to host during the summer internship experience.

    Who will supervise the intern? What if there is a problem?

    Pinellas County Schools will provide an On-the-Job training teacher as a point of contact for the business. The teacher will visit the worksite during the internship. An employee from the business will supervise the intern on a daily basis. If there are problems, the teacher will work with the business to resolve any concerns.

    What type of experience is the student expected to have?

    It is expected that the student performs the functions of an entry level position for the employer. Exposure to the entire job site and other positions would be beneficial for the student, but it is not required. Employers should emphasize job readiness skills, such as communication skills, a strong work ethic and technical skills defined in the orientation.

    Who can I contact for additional questions?

    Marianna Leslie, Apprenticeships & Work-Based Learning Specialist Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (352) 474-0342,


    Inaugural Summer Career Acceleration Program 

    The inaugural Summer Career Acceleration Program was a great success! 
    Thank you to the business partners for hosting our students and to the Pinellas Education Foundation for their support.