Career Assessment Center

  • Career Assessment Center (CAC)



    Computers are used for testing

    Table space and hands on tests are available



    The Career Assessment Center (CAC) is located at Coachman Service Center in Clearwater and provides career assessments for Pinellas County Schools Exceptional Education Students (ESE) grades 11 and 12. The purpose of the center is to assist with transition planning by evaluating students' work interests, aptitudes, vocational skills, work-related behaviors, educational readiness, and transferable skills. The assessment takes place over 2 days and students are transported to the CAC by school bus. Day 1 includes an aptitude and interest assessment. Day 2 includes a "Hands-On" work sample.


    Students are referred to the CAC by their school ESE Case Manager or Varying Exceptionalities (VE) Specialist. 


    After evaluation, CAC staff will write a report with results and recommendations and share that information at a school based meeting with the student, parent/guardian and Case Manger or VE Specialist. 


    The Career Assessment process helps students develop increased self-awareness, acceptance and confidence which can lead to improved goal setting, self-advocacy and self-determination skills.


    For additional information about the Career Assessment Center referral process, please contact your student's ESE Case Manager or VE Specialist.