Changing Your Learning Option

  • In alignment with the 2021 Spring Education Plan, Pinellas County Schools will continue to offer the following Learning Options: Traditional (in-person) learning, MyPCS Online and Pinellas Virtual School.



    Parent/Guardian Request for Change in Learning Option

    Parents/guardians who wish to request a change in Learning Option will work directly with their student's school team.  Requests will be honored within a reasonable timeframe.  Parent/guardians and students should be aware that a change in Learning Option may result in a change of teacher(s) and/or course(s).

    To submit a request,  go to your school's website for the specific steps and school-based staff member who will support you.



    Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement of Student Progress

    In accordance with the Florida Commissioner of Education’s Emergency Order 2020-EO-07, parent/guardians of students in MyPCS Online who are not demonstrating academic growth will receive a letter from their school. This letter will provide your student's academic progress as well as outline the benefits of returning to face-to-face instruction and request that your child return to in-person learning for the second semester of the 2020-21 school.

    Parents/guardians who receive this letter should review the information and contact your student's school with any questions. We ask that you please sign and return the ‘Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement of Student Progress’ form to the school's front office as soon as possible.