Diploma Designations

  • A new state law updates high school graduation requirements for students who enter ninth grade in the 2013-14 school year and later, and establishes new Diploma Designations for standard high school diplomas. Students who earn a high school diploma can also earn new diploma seals: a Scholar designation or a Merit designation. District students will also have the opportunity to earn Pinellas County School’s Advanced Scholar designation. Students may earn any or all of these designations, but they are not required to do so.

    State “Scholar” Designation

    Students seeking a state Scholar designation must satisfy specific course and testing requirements above and beyond those required for a standard diploma.

    State “Merit” Designation

    Students seeking a state Merit designation must attain one or more industry certifications from the state.

    Pinellas “Advanced Scholar” Designation

    Students who meet all of the requirements for a state Scholar diploma designation and earn a score of 3 or better on three Advanced Placement examinations will be eligible for the district’s Advanced Scholar seal. They will also be eligible for recognition by the College Board.