Diploma Designations

  • Students who earn a high school diploma can also earn diploma seals: a Scholar designation or a Merit designation. Students will also have the opportunity to earn Pinellas County Schools Advanced Scholar designation. Students may earn any or all of these designations, but they are not required to do so.

    State “Scholar” Designation

    In addition to the requirements for a standard diploma, students seeking a state Scholar designation must satisfy specific course and testing requirements:

    • Mathematics 
      • Earn one credit in Algebra II
      • Earn one credit in statistics or an equally rigorous course
      • Students who entered grade 9 in the 2014-2015 school year or later, will also need to pass the statewide, standardized Geometry assessment.
    • Science
      • Pass the statewide, standardized Biology I EOC assessment
      • Earn one credit in chemistry or physics
      • Earn one credit in a course equally rigorous to chemistry or physics
      • A student enrolled in an Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Advanced International Certificate of Education Biology course who takes the respective AP, IB, or AICE Biology assessment and earns the minimum score necessary to earn college credit will meet the requirement without having to take the Biology I EOC assessment.
    • Social studies
      • Pass the statewide, standardized United States History EOC assessment
      • A student enrolled in an AP, IB, or AICE course that includes United States History topics who takes the respective AP, IB, or AICE assessment and earns the minimum score necessary to earn college credit will meet this requirement without having to take the United States History EOC assessment.
    • Foreign language
      • Earn two credits in the same foreign language
    • Electives
      • Earn at least one credit in an Advanced Placement, an International Baccalaureate, an Advanced International Certificate of Education, or a dual enrollment course.

    State “Merit” Designation

    Students seeking a state Merit designation must earn one or more industry certifications from a list approved by the state.

    Pinellas “Advanced Scholar” Designation

    Students who meet all of the requirements for the state's Scholar diploma designation and earn a score of 3 or better on three Advanced Placement examinations will be eligible for the district’s Advanced Scholar seal. They will also be eligible for recognition by the College Board.

    More information about graduation requirements and Diploma Designations are available on the Florida Department of Education website.