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    When will students select a Pathway?

    • Students will select their Pathway in their 9th grade year.


    What if they want to change their Pathway?

    • Students can change their Pathway at any time.

    Why are Pathways important?

    •  Along with test scores and grade point average, course selection is one of the most important factors in being a competitive application to colleges and other post- secondary options.

    Does my student have to take the exact courses listed in the brochure?

    • No, these courses are simply examples of what a four year plan could look like. There are many courses that satisfy requirements for each Pathway and the examples. View All Pathways Course Requirements

    Are AP, virtual, and world language courses graduation requirements?

    • One class is a requirement for a standard diploma. Advanced Placement and world language courses are great examples of classes that are not required to graduate, but make a student a more competitive candidate when applying for post-secondary education. Therefore AP and world language courses are included in all Pinellas Pathways.



    Helpful Resources for Parents

    State University System

    The State University System of Florida is dedicated to serving the needs of a diverse state population through excellence in teaching, research, and public service. The System's success depends on its students and its ability to enable students to achieve a university degree. Links to programs, policies, and services are provided below to assist students and families in their educational planning.


    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    Who should complete the FAFSA? Any family considering any level of education after high school! The FAFSA should be completed by Seniors as soon as possible after Oct. 1.


    Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

    Find all the informationn you need about eligibilityy criteria, service hours, and how to monitor your status for Bright Futures.


    Big Future

    Create your road map to college by access The College Board's Big Future! Find information about colleges, financial aid, and many many other resources.