General Information

    • View the instructions to consent to electronic delivery of your W-2 form.  Consent Instructions.    
    • Past employees may request a copy of their prior issued W-2 form(s) by sending a W-2 request form.
    • PCS employees are paid biweekly. Instructional, administrative, professional and technical employees are paid as one group, and all supporting personnel employees are paid as another group. One group is paid each week. A typical pay period ends on a Friday, and checks are issued the following Friday. Online manual checks eliminate the need for supplemental payroll runs.
    • 10-month instructional, 10.5-month assistant principals and 11-month assistant principals employees may opt for a 12-month option payment plan.
    • 12-month employees earn one day of vacation per month for 0-5 years of service in a 12-month position, 1.25 days for 6-9 years of service in a 12-month position and 1.5 days for 10 years or more of service in a 12-month position.
    • 12-month employees are paid for 247 days per fiscal year, 11.5-month employees are paid for 235 days, 11-month employees are paid for 218 days, 10.5-month employees are paid for 206 days, 10-month teachers are paid for 198 days, other 10-month employees are paid for 196 days, 9-month employees are paid for 186 days, food service employees and bus drivers are paid for 192 days. All of these days include six paid holidays. Please see the Payroll Calendars page for pay dates and calculations.