Bridging the Gap

  • Bridging the Gap

    Pinellas County Schools created the Bridging the Gap Plan to close the achievement gap between black students and their peers. The plan's six key goals address:
    • Graduation rates
    • Grade level proficiency
    • Participation and performance in accelerated courses
    • Disciplinary infractions
    • Eligibility for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs
    • Minority Hiring


    The Bridging the Gap Plan and related documents are available for review below:

    2018-19 School Year

    More information coming soon.


    2017-18 School Year

    PCS Bridging the Gap Plan (17-18)  (No changes from prior year) (PDF file)

    PCS Bridging the Gap Plan Year End Report (Aug. 31, 2018)  (PDF file)

    PCS Bridging the Gap Year End Executive Summary (Aug. 31, 2018) (PDF file)


    2016-17 School Year

    PCS Bridging the Gap Plan (16-17)  (PDF file)

    Public invited to provide input on closing the achievement gap
    With student performance and equity being a community and School Board priority, Pinellas County Schools held a series of community input sessions on the 2016-2017 Bridging the Gap plan in October, November and December of 2016.

    Each meeting included a presentation on the latest progress in closing the achievement gap and a summary of proposed action steps. The greater part of each meeting allowed for small group discussions and the gathering of ideas and opinions from school leaders, teachers, parents and community members. The comments received at each of the meetings have been gathered and are available for review:

    Feedback Summary (PDF file)

    Community Input (Excel file)