Requests To Do Research

  • Forms for Research, Studies, and Evaluations
    Dear Applicant:


    We appreciate your interest in conducting research in the Pinellas County Schools. As we receive many requests to conduct research, we have developed a process to review these requests.


    Please read the Procedures for Conducting Research (pdf) in Pinellas County Schools.
    In order to process your request, please complete the Application to Conduct Research (pdf) and submit electronically to Dr. Autumn Frei at:
    Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the application. (Tip:  For best results, download the Application to Conduct Research to your computer prior to completing the form.)


    Applications will be reviewed only three times a year; the schedule is:


     Application Received By

     Review Period

    Projected Response

     January 1st  Month of January   February 1st
     May 1st  Month of May  June 1st
     September 1st  Month of September  October 1st

    Please anticipate a four-week processing period when submitting your application and documentation; however, delays occasionally occur. An email will notify you of the results when a determination is reached regarding your research project.


    If you should have any questions pertaining to the application please contact the Assessment, Accountability and Research office at (727) 588-6253.


    Again, thank you for considering Pinellas County Schools for your project. We look forward to serving you in the future.