Referendum - Visual Arts

  • The Referendum provides all schools with equitable funding for quality art supplies, equipment and technology that help students learn new skills and produce strong and award-winning works of art. Improved resources and training are raising the caliber of student artwork, which is showcased at more than 15 art exhibitions in the community.

    Thanks to the Referendum:

    • All high schools, and several elementary middle schools, have received digital arts labs and photo, video and graphics editing software. The labs enable students to create digital portfolios and allow more students to enter national art contests that require digital entries.
    • Thousands of students, including those whose families are not able to afford admission fees, have participated in hundreds of field trips to local art museums and galleries. Since the Referendum was renewed, about 32,000 students participated in field trips to museums and galleries.
    • Visual Arts teachers have more opportunities for professional development that is directly linked to improvements in art instruction and student achievement.

    See how creativity is thriving and confidence is growing as a result of the Referendum: