Summary of Changes 2017-2018

  • SUMMARY OF CHANGES 2017-2018

    This year’s few changes to the Code of Student Conduct are extremely important. As noted in the Superintendent’s Letter families will be able to submit some signed forms electronically in lieu of hard copies being sent back with students. Changes for 2017-18 are noted below, strike-throughs indicate deletions and underlines indicate additions or revisions.

    FORMS (electronic signature option available for both):

    • Parent/Student Acknowledgement Form (updated)

    • Directory Information Opt-Out Letter (updated)


    • Annual Notice About Your Rights Concerning Student Records
      If you do not want directory information released, you must tell the principal in writing ... no later than September 5 September 1 of each year or within 30 days 20 days of receiving this annual notice. ...


    • Guiding Principles
      The Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports plan (PBIS) should also include restorative, preventive practices/measures designed to build skills and capacity in students as well as improve interactions between students and adults. Pg. 26 paragraph 3.
    • Attendance
      III. Tardies - Every three (3) unexcused tardies within a grading period count as one unexcused absence. Pg. 34
      IV. Early Sign Out - Every three (3) unexcused sign outs within a grading period count as one unexcused absence. Pg. 34
      V. Reasons Why an Absence ... -
      H. ... Students are allowed a maximum of five three (3) excused days for each infestation of head lice unless extended by principal. ... Pg. 35
    • Dress Code
      Further Clarification/Other Requirements
      A. Form fitting leotards/spandex type clothing (including sports bras) is not allowed unless proper outer garments cover to mid-thigh length or longer. Pg. 38
    • Discipline
      Misconduct That Requires Specific Consequences
      A student cannot be in-school or out-of-school suspended for more than 3 days without prior communication between the principal and the area superintendent. Pgs. 47-52
      Disciplinary Reassignment -
      If the principal after completing an investigation determines that a student has done something wrong that may require removal from the school the principal will make a recommendation to the area superintendent. If the area superintendent supports the recommendation for reassignment then the student will be suspended for no more than three (3) days and then sent to an alternative school. Pg. 50
    • Frequently Asked Questions
      Disciplinary Reassignment Q & A

    Q - How will my class schedule be impacted by a reassignment or expulsion?

    A - Students in honors, advanced placement or magnet courses that are expelled or reassigned to an alternative school must be aware that their curriculum will be impacted. While every attempt is made to match schedules, it is rarely possible to replicate every class. Students taking these classes must be aware that, when engaging in serious violations of the Code of Student Conduct they are jeopardizing their academic plan and the completion of some classes may be delayed. Pg. 64

    Discipline for Students with Disabilities Q & A
    This page has had several changes. Please read carefully in its entirety. Pg. 66