Message from the Superintendent

  • Dear Parents,

    Pinellas County Schools is committed to providing a high-quality education to all our students, in a safe and healthy environment. As we start the 2020-2021 school year, I encourage each student to push themselves to reach their fullest potential during the year ahead. We know there is greatness within every student, and our administrators, teachers and staff are committed to providing the opportunities and challenges needed to ensure student success.

    The 2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct provides expectations for student behavior that supports personal growth and promotes student learning. There are updates to this year’s code, so we ask parents and students to carefully read each page and familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and expectations that we believe will result in a successful school year. We encourage parents and students to discuss the Code of Conduct so that they both are fully aware of how we can create a positive learning environment and experience for all students.

    Parent Action: After you and your child review the Student Code of Conduct, please sign the Parent and Student Acknowledgement Form. Please submit the signed form to your child’s school OR complete the electronic signature option through the Student Reservation System. There
    are directions in the box below.

    The Student Code of Conduct is available online at If there are updates to the code during the school year, they will be available there also. Please contact your child’s principal if you have questions about policies and procedures.

    Parental involvement is imperative to student success and we thank you for your partnership in pursuing our vision of 100 percent student success. We are truly a team and together we can ensure that students graduate from Pinellas County Schools prepared for college, career and life.



    Michael A. Grego, Ed.D.


    Electronic Signature Option

    Four parent forms are available for electronic signature. You may sign them electronically instead of submitting hard copies to your child’s school. Log in to the student reservation system, and select “PCS Forms.” The following four forms are available for electronic signature:

    • Parent and Student Acknowledgement (hard copy, page 7 of the Code of Conduct)

    • Directory Information Opt-Out (hard copy, page 11 of the Code of Conduct)

    • Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement (hard copy provided by your child’s school)

    • Media Release Form (hard copy provided by your child’s school)

    Please note: The Parent and Student Acknowledgement and Directory Information Opt-Out forms apply only for the school year in which they are signed. The Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and Media Release forms once signed, are active the entire time your child is enrolled in Pinellas County Schools and do not need to be re-submitted each school year.