Survival Skills Training

  • You have entered into a three-hour online Survival Skills Training!
    (Follow up is a three hour face-to-face)
    Contact Carrie Rivera at for any questions or concerns
     Survival Skills training (SST) is designed for those who have already been recommended for a teaching position or are recently hired in Pinellas County Schools and who do not have teacher certification. This online 3 hour course is required as part of the Transition To Teaching program if you did not attend Embrace Pinellas summer institute for new hires. The face-to-face follow-up occurs multiple times per year.

    1. Please use this task sheet to complete your Survival Skills Training online component. You may type directly on it. Email it immediately after you complete the online portion to Registration will be on Professional Learning Network. Just search for the class with search word ttt. Make sure you register for the correct date. See you then!
    1. This power point is your resource for completing your task sheet for this course. There are seven modules to complete and you should stop after each module to complete the questions related to the segment.
    1. If you are interested in enrolling in the Transition To Teaching program to obtain your professional certificate, here is some information for you to review and also the PCS Forms to sign up. Electronically send the forms to Carrie Rivera at or pony them to the Administration Building /PD. Keep copies for your records please.