Home Education Portfolio Samples

  • The Home Education Portfolio must contain the following according to Florida State Statute 1002.41

    1. Samples of any writings, worksheets, workbooks, or creative materials used or developed by the student.
    2. Reading log that shows the date, title of the material and inclusive number of pages. This can include books, magazines, online website material, etc.
    3. A log of educational activities that is made contemporaneously with the instruction. This should be a detailed log of what you are teaching on a daily basis.

    The links below are samples of a reading log, daily educational log, and a home school transcript. We have provided these as examples of what some parents use for record keeping. You are not required to use these forms, we have just provided them as a guide. However, if you would like to use them, please feel free to print copies.
    The link below is to websites recommended by home schooling parents.  They are intended to be a helpful resource.