Home Education Steps to Register


    Steps to Register for Home Education

    1. The parent/guardian submits a notice of intent to establish and maintain a home education program to Pinellas County School’s Superintendent or designee (Home Education Office).

    2. The parent/guardian completes all sections of the Notice of Intent and mails it to the superintendent's or designee’s (Home Education Office) within 30 days of the establishment of a Home Education Program. The address is included on the form or you may fax to 727-588-5038 or email to CSHE@pcsb.org.

    3. On your start date the Pinellas County Home Education office will mail a letter of acceptance to you. Please keep this document in your home education file.

    4. The parent/guardian researches, identifies and purchases curriculum and materials to use for the home education program.

    5. The parent/guardian prepares the child’s portfolio, educational log and decides which assessment method will be used for the required yearly evaluation. (See the copy of Florida Statutes related to home education for further details).

    There are parent volunteer support groups for home educators. If you would like information regarding meetings and home educating ideas, please call the numbers listed below or visit below.

    Florida Parent Educators Association Toll Free 1-877-275-3732


    Pinellas Parent Educators Association


    It is the responsibility of the home education parent/guardian to provide all learning materials. Pinellas County Schools does not provide textbooks, instructional materials or assistance in the teaching of home education children. If you decide to use Florida Virtual Home School as your curriculum choice, please understand that this program does not issue a diploma. You may review PCS student expectations at our web site www.pcsb.org.

    If your child has numerous absences from the previous school he/she attended then you will be required to attend Home Education portfolio review sessions as pursuant to Florida Statue 1003.26.

    In the event you choose to enter a home school program and in the future your child reenters a public school; it will be the responsibility of Pinellas County Schools to determine placement and credits accepted according to Policy 5.12. Please notify this office in writing if you no longer are home educating. We will then update your file and not request future evaluations.

    Information on dual enrollment, extra-curricular activities requirements and acceptance of credits is also included in this website to assist you in your efforts in becoming familiar with home education processes and requirements.

    Wishing you success in your educational endeavors.
    Still not sure home education is the best educational path for your child? You may want to investigate several other educational settings such as:
    PCS Virtual School for grades K–12 which can be accessed on PCSB website under schools or by contacting (727) 588-6448.

    • Educational Alternative Sources also has many programs available. For more information, please call 588-6069.

    Educational Alternative Services