General Managers of Operations

  • The General Managers of Facilities and Operations oversee matters related to safety, security, performance and plant operations at the school level.  The schools are divided into five areas with each manager overseeing an area.  They work collaboratively with the Associate Superintendent of Operations to plan and review strategic work protocols and assure professionally managed and maintained facilities.  They conduct routine site safety reviews and plan, design, and coordinate safety security projects with school-based personnel, district personnel, local government agencies and private contractors.
    Jerry Reynolds, Area I General Manager of Operations
    (727) 547-7184;
    Jeffery Wasilewski, Area II General Manager of Operations
    (727) 547-7289;
    Michael Ulbrich, Area III General Manager of Operations
    (727) 547-7288;
    Matt Atwell, Area IV General Manager of Operations
    (727) 547-7211;
    Marvin Jefferson, Transformation Zone General Manager of Operations
    (727) 547-7270;
    Office Clerk Specialist II
    (727) 547-7238