• 21st Century Community Learning Centers

    Under the leadership of Dr. Valerie Brimm, the Pinellas County Schools (PCS) 21st Century CCLC “IClass” project is an innovative model designed to increase student’s academic performance and cultivate a child’s highest potential and specified interest through a holistic-based approach.  The project provides a comprehensive array of services that include academic enrichments that are grade-appropriate lessons and assignments in reading, math, science and technology (STEM), homework assistance, and tutoring.  Personal enrichment activities provide STEM, character development, project-based activities, health & wellness, music, and the arts.  Equally important is the curriculum and activities that will focus on social emotional learning and mental health and wellness. Family and community member services offer workshops for family literacy, community and service-learning activities, and advocacy. 



    For more information, visit the 21st Century Community Learning Center website